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Comprehensive notarial services

Notary’s Office

The Stuber-Jordi Notary’s Office renders comprehensive notarial services.

Our foremost goal is to provide customer- and solution-oriented consulting in an efficient and timely manner.

Notarial services and areas
  • Administration of estates
  • Affidavits
  • Amicable agreement of matrimonial property consequences of divorce (marriage contract for the separation of property during marriage)
  • Associations
  • Aggregation of land plots
  • Building lease contracts (execution of building leases and extension/adaptation of the same)
  • Capital increases and capital reductions in companies
  • Commercial and company law in general
  • Condominium ownership (justification, amendment and enactment as well as adaptation of regulations)
  • Consulting on marriage law, including the drafting and certification of marriage contracts
  • Consulting on inheritance law, including the drafting and certification of inheritance contracts and execution of wills
  • Deeds of gift and contracts of advancement to the charge of future inheritance
  • Demergers
  • Easement contracts
  • Establishment of foundations
  • Estate planning
  • Estate divisions, including the execution of estate division contracts
  • Exchange contracts
  • Execution and reassignment of borrower’s notes (mortgage contracts)
  • Estate inventories (tax inventory, inheritance inventory and public inventory)
  • Executor mandates
  • Head office transfers and changes to the articles of incorporation of companies
  • Incorporations (PLC, LLC) and restructurings
  • Liquidation of companies
  • Mergers, conversions, asset transfers, spin- and split-offs
  • Mortgage contracts (borrower’s notes)
  • Notarisation of signatures and copies
  • Parcelling of land plots
  • Partnership agreements
  • Purchase agreements and contracts for work and services
  • Rural land law
  • Shareholder pooling agreements
  • Tax returns
  • Tax law (real estate gains tax, property transfer tax, estate, inheritance and gift taxes)

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Notary’s fees

The provisions of articles 50 et seq. of the Cantonal Notaries Act (NG; BSG no. 169.11) and the Ordinance on Notary’s Fees (GebVN; BSG no. 169.81) form the basis for the calculation of notary’s fees.
In each case, we provide our clients with detailed information in advance on the principles of notary’s fees and the expected costs of a legal transaction.
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Aktuelle Stundensätze
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Globus Australien

Australian Law

Beatrice Stuber-Jordi is admitted to the bar in Australia as an Australian legal practitioner.

She has provided regular consultation for individuals, businesses as well as public institutions on Swiss and Australian legal fields.

Australian law services
  • Consulting on marriage law with regard to Swiss and Australian assets and/or Swiss and Australian citizens (also includes cohabiting partners, so-called de facto partners under Australian law)
  • Estate planning with regard to Swiss and Australian assets (including the execution of Australian wills, mutual wills agreements, medical wishes, powers of attorneys, enduring guardianships)
  • Incorporations in Australia, including execution of articles of incorporation (constitution)
  • Kidnapping cases (involving Switzerland and Australia)
  • Labour law relating to Swiss-Australian legal cases (regularly concerning parent companies and subsidiaries)

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The Stuber-Jordi Notary’s Office works closely with experienced and competent lawyers who can be engaged on a case-by-case basis.

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